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Michelle's Magical Poodles was initially inspired by Cupid
who started the show.  Cupid was an abandoned poodle who was found by Florida Poodle Rescue and then adopted by me, Poodle Mama in 2000.  While searching for a companion for Cupid, I contacted long time Poodle expert, Mrs. Rose Thompson in 2001.   She had been saving a special half brother and sister which turned out to be my Pirouette and Blondie.  Now, I had my Poodle Troupe.  This was the beginning of Michelle's Magical Poodles.  In 2006 Mrs Thompson graced me with Emilio and Apollo in 2010.  Then, 2014 brought us Tallulah Jane and 2017 with the newest addition, Sevyn.  While Cupid, Pirouette and Blondie are now in doggie heaven, we continue to honor them for the star that they were.  

The Magical Poodles is an educational and entertaining experience.  Teaching animal awareness, responsible dog ownership, and safety around dogs  Special emphasis is placed on the history of working dogs, their original jobs and the importance of service dogs.

Also included is, "Having More Fun With Your Dog", with trick training.   Performing hoop tricks, fetch and retrieve, dancing with dogs and more.  
Our show is approximately 25 minutes, with a meet and greet after the show.   

Learn, be entertained and have a dog gone good time!
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